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Live flow for Acoustic Cameras | Sound annexation project, 2017

Click on the image to discover Cocoon’s Acoustic Camera in Osaka, Japan

What is Acoustic Cameras?
Sound and music for live cameras, composed by guest artists: composers, poets, sound artists from all over the world.
Acoustic Cameras was created on January 1, 2016. It is an art project in the form of a website ( To date, more than 100 international artists are participating in this project.

Who is Acoustic Cameras?
A collective of visual, sound and design artists. Its members are Pierre Beloüin, Christophe Demarthe, Didier Hochart, Nicolas Ledoux and Thierry Weyd. They form the editorial team.

How does it work?
The guest artist chooses a camera among the thousands of live webcams proposed by the editorial team. He/she composes a music and/or a sound piece for this camera. The editorial team aggregates the sound and the camera and puts them online.

Which structures support AC ?
Acoustic Cameras is co-edited by Optical Sound (Pierre Beloüin & P. Nicolas Ledoux) and La manufacture des Cactées (Didier Hochart & Thierry Weyd) on a proposal by Christophe Demarthe.
Graphic design: / Development: Didier Hochart.