#2 composed for the performance The Point by Anne Juren, ImPulsTanz, 2015 // #11 appears on the online collection Acoustic Cameras, and on Dreyer’s Le procès de Jeanne d’Arc with Les Voix Animées, Fimé, 2017 // Most of these tracks were first performed on Optical Sound 20th anniversary, Biennale Nemo, 2017

All titles written and mixed by Christophe Demarthe // Mastering by thomas@dkmastering.com // Pressing by DMS // Graphic design & photography by ABM Studio // Front cover: Parasites, a site-specific artwork by Ludovic Chemarin©, 2017

Many thanks to Pierre Beloüin, Héloïse Clarks, Mathieu Farnarier, Guillaume Gesquiere, Thomas Gonet, P. Nicolas Ledoux, David Longuein, The Option // Special thanks to AfroDJMac, Flatpack, Hollow Sun, Ichiro Toda, Michael Norris, Plogue, Togu Audio Line, Valhalla DSP

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