LP Optical Sound | Pink vinyl limited to 500 copies | OS.070 | 2019

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Track 2 composed for the performance The Point by Anne Juren, ImPulsTanz, Vienna, 2015. Track 11 appears on the online collection Acoustic Cameras, and on Dreyer’s Le procès de Jeanne d’Arc with Les Voix Animées, Fimé, Toulon, 2017. Most of these tracks were first performed on Optical Sound 20th Anniversary, Biennale Nemo, 2017.

All titles written and mixed by Christophe Demarthe. Mastering by thomas@dkmastering.com. Pressing by DMS. Graphic design and photography by ABM Studio. Front cover: Parasites, a site-specific artwork by Ludovic Chemarin©, 2017.

Many thanks to Pierre Beloüin, Héloïse Clarks, Mathieu Farnarier, Guillaume Gesquiere, Thomas Gonet, P. Nicolas Ledoux, David Longuein, The Option. Special thanks to AfroDJMac, Flatpack, Hollow Sun, Ichiro Toda, Michael Norris, Plogue, Togu Audio Line, Valhalla DSP.